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FTP and Halloween

Although it is still September, Halloween is surely coming fast! Every year, kids of all ages look forward to dressing up for school on Halloween and ending the day with trick-or-treating. At FTP, we look forward to the same, and we could not imagine Halloween any other way.

This year, however, we realize that Halloween is going to have to look a little different. Instead of spending our time searching for costumes for ourselves, we wanted to see what we could do for our friends at Family Gateway. To celebrate, we are hosting a sweet treat and costume drive. Our goal is to collect 150 costumes and the fixings for 150 halloween buckets.

Even though trick-or-treating may not be in the cards this year, we want to make sure that the kids still have a chance to wear a costume and indulge in some sweet treats! So, please help us to help them, and visit our Amazon Registry!


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