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Vote for Family Gateway!

Our biggest and best partner, Family Gateway, has advanced to the Dallas Bar Association's Sweet Sixteen. Formerly known as the Day of Service, the Dallas Bar Association has taken on this project and make it COVID-19 friendly, and the event is now the DBA Community Day of Service.

Everyone in and around Dallas had the chance to nominate their favorite local charity, and Family Gateway was nominated and made it to the Sweet 16. The top two charities get a donation from the DBA, and Family Gateway needs your help getting there. Anyone and everyone can vote, and you can vote an infinite number of times! So, help us help them, and VOTE!

In case you are unfamiliar with Family Gateway, their entire mission is to prevent children and families from experiencing homelessness. When a family has been evicted from their apartment, Family Gateway snatches them up and takes them in to their private housing units. The most special part of it all is that they keep families together. Many shelters and housing systems alike separate families with boys in their teens, but Family Gateway does not. Plus, they have made the best arrangements to accommodate all of the distance learning needs!


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