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Coat and Blanket Collection

Over the past few weeks, as it has gotten colder, our weekly drops have become much harder. Not because we can't find anyone, but it has been incredibly difficult to ride around in our warm car while looking out on the streets to see all of these cold, miserable people. Often times, when we drop food, they thank us without ever moving towards their food, simply because they are just too cold.

Below is a picture of what looks like a pile of junk, but instead it is actually 5 or 6 people all huddled up trying to keep warm.

We had no intention of running a coat/blanket drive, but someone gave us a few coats to take, and from there it exploded. Within a few short weeks, we have had a crazy drop off of coats and blankets, and we have truly been amazed.

If you or anyone you know has any extra layers or blankets, feel free to reach out. We would love to take what you are not using and distribute to those who could put it to good use!


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