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Week of 7/28: donate here!

Over the past few months, we have had an amazing amount of love and support. From friends and families to bakeries and large companies, there has been no shortage of donations. With all of this help, we have been able to provide nearly 17,000 meals!

But, as time has progressed, we have used up a great majority of our supplies. As one might imagine, it takes A LOT of support to keep up with 17,000 meals. If we take a second to let it set in, we realize that this means 17,000 granola bars, bags of chips, cookies, and apple sauces, each in their own bag with a heart.

To keep this up, we need help from y'all!

If you are currently in a place to make a donation somewhere, we hope that you think of us. As a local, grass-roots organization, any donation one may make to us means the world, and it helps so much.

With the way the world is at the moment, however, we completely understand that donating can be out of the question for many people. If you fall in this category, there is still a way that you can help us get what we need. Spreading the word via social media, by way of mouth, or text is just as helpful to us. With an increased number of followers comes an increased amount of support, which also helps us receive donations from larger corporate companies.

The last way to help us, and quite possibly the most effective, would be by the power of prayer. Keeping our organization, as well as the people and shelters we serve, in your prayers can do wonderful things for us. Even a quick word to the man upstairs means a whole lot, and it only takes a second.

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